“Workers win!” CUPW anticipates Supreme Court ruling will affect its constitutional challenge

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Friday January 30 2015

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA – The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is welcoming the Supreme Court decision affirming constitutional protection for freedom of association and the right to strike.

“It’s a good day for workers across Canada,” said Denis Lemelin, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, which intervened in the case. “If the collective power of workers against employers is to mean anything, the right to strike must be upheld.”

Locked-out postal workers were forced back to work by federal legislation in 2011. CUPW’s constitutional challenge remains to be resolved, but the union expects today’s decision to set a precedent.

“When a government makes the rules in favour of the bosses, working people suffer,” said Lemelin. “Today, justice has prevailed to protect labour rights.”


For more information, please contact Aalya Ahmad, CUPW Communications, aahmad@cupw-sttp.org or 613-327-1177.