Arbitration Update

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Friday November 1 2019
No 89

After hearings on October 23 and 30, we have now completed 34 days of arbitration. Canada Post appears to be in no hurry to complete its case, since they spent a large portion of time on the last two dates taking the arbitrator to 3 different post offices.


October 23

The first half of the day was spent visiting the Renfrew and Calabogie post offices. Renfrew is a combined office with letter carriers, RSMCs and PO4s. Calabogie is a CPAA Post Master owned, one route, RSMC office. 

The gloom and doom story continued as Sanjay Paliwal completed his testimony on Urban issues. He went through our proposals to ease overburdening for letter carriers and said that every one of our proposals were unacceptable and that Canada Post would never accept them.

October 30

This day started with a visit to the Richmond, ON post office. This is a corporate owned CPAA office with 4 RSMC routes. It is unclear why Canada Post wants the arbitrator to see so many different post offices, but time will tell. 

While Mr. Paliwal’s testimony on the Urban issues was nasty, it was nothing compared to his testimony on RSMC issues. He once again said that every one of our proposals were completely unacceptable to Canada Post. This included proposals to maximize 8 hour routes, pay for all hours worked including overtime pay, job retention and job security. Based on Mr. Paliwal’s testimony, it is obvious that Canada Post does not believe that RSMCs deserve similar rights and working conditions as letter carriers. Canada Post continues to treat RSMCs with disrespect. Canada Post this is not acceptable to us!

In the afternoon, we began the cross examination of Mr. Paliwal

Next Dates

The next hearing date is on November 8 and we will continue to cross examine Sanjay Paliwal. The arbitration will continue on December 3 and 6.


Canada Post Does Not Respect Us or the Work We Do.

Shame on You Canada Post!


In Solidarity,

Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC bargaining unit
Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
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