Members Ratify Urban and Rural Collective Agreements (Perspective - March 2013)

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Tuesday March 12 2013
Volume 41, Number 1, March 2013
Members Ratify Urban and Rural Collective Agreements (Perspective - March 2013)

CUPW members in both the urban and rural bargaining units have ratified their respective collective agreements. Both agreements were achieved only after lengthy negotiations. In the case of the urban unit, the settlement was negotiated as part of the final offer selection process established pursuant to the back-to-work legislation imposed by the Harper government. The rural agreement was reached as part of a negotiated settlement without government intervention, but the possibility of back-to-work legislation was a factor in the union’s decision to recommend acceptance.

Both agreements contain significant changes. The rural agreement provides for RSMC members to receive some important new benefits such as the Extended Health Care Plan (EHCP) and an Extended Disability Insurance Plan. CUPW will be taking care to ensure that all members become fully aware of their entitlements under these plans so that they can maximize the benefits for themselves and their families. For the urban unit, there are a number of changes, including the replacement of the traditional sick leave provisions by a short term disability plan (STDP). The union has produced a booklet on the STDP to ensure that all members can maximize their rights under the plan.

The full results of the ratification vote on a local basis have been reproduced on pages 7 and 8.