We deserve better. Vote YES!!

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Friday May 27 2016

We deserve better. Vote YES!!After more than six months of difficult and frustrating negotiations we need to send Canada Post management a strong message. “Address the Union’s proposals for equality, job security, improvements, full-time jobs and healthy working conditions and drop your demands for rollbacks. And do it now!” This strike vote is about the future – our future. At stake are our pensions, wages, benefits and working conditions for years to come. This is our opportunity to tell the employer where we stand and that we deserve better.


RSMCs and letter carriers do the same work. But RSMCs continue to receive much less pay, inferior benefits and worse working conditions. CPC still refuses to pay them for all hours that they work. RSMCs deserve better.

Job Security and Improvements

Postal workers have been responsible for the financial and operational suc¬cesses of Canada Post. We deserve to maintain and improve our current wages, rights and benefits. All regular employees deserve job security.

Full-time Jobs and Services

We deserve improved staffing measures that will safeguard current full-time positions and provide full-time employment opportunities for part-time and temporary workers. New services, such as postal banking, will provide job opportunities for postal workers, generate revenues for Canada Post, and promote financial inclusion and economic development.

Health and Safety

Health and safety has to come before profits. It is time to obtain safer work methods for all members. 

Stop the Rollbacks

Instead of addressing our demands for the future, Canada Post management is trying to turn back the clock on major issues such as job security, pensions, health benefits, sick leave, internal staffing, and letter carrier workload. They want Group 3 and 4 workers to work 12 hour shifts including all weekends. They are attacking paid leaves and breaks, seniority rights and more. Canada Post wants more inequality. We deserve better than this.

We need your support!

As your negotiating committee we have been working hard to convince the employer to drop their demands for rollbacks and address our proposals. But we cannot do it alone. We need your support. The employer needs to know that the membership is solidly behind us and our demands.

So vote YES

A strong YES vote is a statement that we deserve better. We deserve security and improvements. We deserve much better than the rollbacks that are being demanded by Canada Post management. A strong YES vote is a strong YES for our future. 

In solidarity – Your Negotiating Committee