Canadian Tire Neighbourhood Mail – Urban Unit

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Wednesday October 16 2019

Following a National Executive Board decision, members of the urban unit will be delivering a Canadian Tire neighbourhood mail item starting on November 12, 2019.

Without a memorandum of agreement, the Canada Post Corporation has the right under the urban collective agreement to demand that delivery take place in three (3) days and be compensated at 2.5 cents per item.

We have reached an agreement that allows members to choose between two-day or three-day delivery.

  • Two-day delivery: Compensation will be 4.5 cents for each item of neighbourhood mail.

    • If one-third of items is delivered by another employee, compensation will be based on the collective agreement, i.e. 2.5 cents per item.

    • If more than 50% of items are delivered on the same day, compensation for these items will be 4.5 cents per item.
  • Three-day delivery: Compensation will be based on the collective agreement, i.e. 2.5 cents per item.

Neighbourhood mail is an important source of revenue for the Corporation and our members. However, this additional workload can cause various problems for our members. The employer will have to consult with the regional and local levels, as well as Local Joint Health and Safety Committees (LJHSC) at the latest one week prior to the start of delivery.

If the employer fails to respect the memorandum of agreement throughout the entire urban unit, all members of the unit will receive an additional two (2) cents per item covered by this agreement.


Attached is a copy of the memorandum of agreement.


In solidarity,

Martin Champagne
4th National Vice-President