COVID-19 Update

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Tuesday March 17 2020

As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, I would like to offer my  reassurance to all our members across the country that CUPW is doing everything in its power to hold our employers accountable to keep you safe at work.

The majority of CUPW members do not have the ability to work remotely. Our employers need to do everything in their ability to increase sanitary conditions and limit the risk for you as you continue to do your job.

Our union is putting pressure on employers to consult and modify collective agreement language and procedures regarding leave entitlements, absenteeism policies and pressuring them to enforce health and safety measures during this crisis. Protecting our co-workers and the public should not be done with the fear of being disciplined or loss of pay.

At all levels of the union we are closely monitoring information from the World Health Organization, the federal, provincial and territorial governments, and we are in discussions with unions whose members are care providers on the front line during this pandemic.

The NEC and NEB are meeting on a regular basis to ensure that we are putting in place the best process that will keep us in compliance with the Federal Health Minister’s recommendations. We are currently working to provide provisions that will ensure you are better protected while you are working.

This includes making leave more accessible, modification to delivery processes, possible ways of using childcare funds to support the families of CUPW members who will be impacted by the school closures, and more.

To date we have postponed CUPW scheduled and educational events, stopped domestic and international travel by plane and train to meetings and delegations.  We will be certain to keep you informed and up to date as new developments come in. 

At this time, it is essential that workers keep lines of communication open with the shop stewards on the work floor. Make sure to check the national web site at  where we have a dedicated section on COVID-19 and subscribe to our e-digest

Should you have any questions regarding quarantine leave, please contact your local union representative or health and safety representative.

Your health and safety must be a priority at work and CUPW will continue to work with our employers to put solutions in place. 

In Solidarity,

Jan Simpson
National President
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