Daily COVID-19 Reporting Sheet For LJHSCs

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Thursday March 26 2020

Dear Sisters, Brothers and Comrades:

The current situation is unprecedented and requires us to take exceptional measures to ensure postal workers can safely provide services to all Canadians.

For this reason, CUPW, in collaboration with CPC, have developed a tool for Local Joint Health and Safety Committees (LJHSCs), as well as Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) in facilities with 19 or fewer employees.

The tool in question is a daily report with a series of key questions to ensure that the various protective measures put in place are actually applied and observed (e.g., sanitization, personal protective equipment, and products like hand sanitizer).

This is why we ask for your full cooperation when LJHSC members or HSRs ask for your assistance in completing this report.

In addition, if you notice hazardous situations in the workplace or on the road, you must first report them to CPC’s risk management team and then inform your LJHSC or HSR.

In closing, should you wish to talk about this challenging situation or if you need help, please speak to a social steward, who can help you find the appropriate resources. Alternatively, you can get support through the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) by calling 1-866-565-4903.

With everyone’s active involvement, we will be able to flatten the curve of COVID-19 in order to emerge from this crisis victorious and healthy.

Together We Will Succeed! 

In solidarity,

Marc Roussel
National Union Representative - Health and Safety