Do You Have Time to Load and Unload Your Truck?

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Thursday July 12 2012

Many letter carriers are finding their new routes in Modern Post sites very difficult.  There are many reasons for this, but one important reason is that many routes do not have enough time to load and unload their vehicles.

CPC Must Check Load and Unload Times

Why is this?  Where there are new motorized letter carrier (MLC) routes in a restructure, Chapter 7 of the Letter Carrier Route Measurement (LCRMS) Manual says that obtain vehicle, loading, unloading, and dispose of vehicle times will be estimated prior to implementation of restructures.

Eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks after implementation, the Corporation is required to do a sampling of the actual work process to establish a correct time for these work functions.

The reason for this approach is that in locations like Modern Post sites, the new work process does not exist prior to the restructuring.

This sounds quite straightforward.  But nothing is ever so simple when Canada Post is involved.  Nearly two years after the implementation of the first Modern Post sites, correct loading and unloading times have not yet been implemented in even one location.

In fact, the only places where samplings have been done are in a few Winnipeg and Montreal depots as a result of pressure from the CUPW locals.

What’s the Problem?

  • When structuring the routes, the Corporation deliberately underestimates the time required to do the work – but builds no “cushion” into the routes to accommodate a future change.
  • The 8 to 12 week period goes by without CPC making any attempt to initiate a sampling, even though a schedule was provided to the CUPW National Office.
  • If and when sampling starts, CPC wants to argue about the sampling method, and then later, about how to apply the results in some meaningful way.

10-15 Minutes of Time Missing on Some Routes

The Corporation is delaying this because they know that on many routes, a proper sampling will add 10-15 minutes of additional time that letter carriers are now doing for free.  In some depots, additional jobs may need to be added as a result of the additional time required for the work.

It is very important that CUPW Locals make themselves aware of the sampling schedules for their locals and attempt to consult with the employer regarding the sampling process soon after implementation.

If the employer will not stick reasonably closely to the schedule, a local grievance should be filed on behalf of MLCs at the depot in order to “lock in” damages that result from the employer’s stalling tactics.

Modern Post is difficult enough for members to deal with without missing time credits for required work for months or years.

In solidarity,
Donald Lafleur
4th National Vice-President (1994-2014)