Foodora Couriers Work to Unionize with CUPW

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Tuesday May 7 2019

Bicycle and car couriers in the Toronto area working for Foodora, an app-based food delivery company, have been working with our organizers in a campaign to join CUPW. The couriers are fighting for better health and safety protections, fair compensation for they work they perform, and for the right to join a union. 

Gig economy companies like Foodora promise flexibility to couriers, saying that they’re independent contractors - their own boss. In doing so, they avoid paying for even the most basic employment benefits like employment insurance, or CPP/QPP premiums.

All of the risk falls on the couriers.

In CUPW, we understand this struggle. We’ve fought to ensure that workers are properly classified for over 30 years, whether it be for private sector courier members, for Combined Urban Services (CUS) workers, or for the over 6,000 RSMCs that Canada Post denied employee status to until they were successfully brought into the union in 2003.

Like postal workers, Foodora couriers perform dangerous work, navigating busy streets in all weather conditions. Their injury rates are high too. With little in the way of protection, an accident can leave them devastated, unable to work, and without adequate compensation to make ends meet.

When companies like Foodora are allowed to get away with treating workers like numbers and not like human beings, we all suffer. To fight back we have to be bold, challenging the bosses’ attempts to drive down wages and working conditions. An injury to one is an injury to all!



1)    Tell Foodora that You Support the Couriers


2)   Show the Couriers Some Love

  • This is not a boycott!  If Foodora operates in your city, use your Foodora app! Make sure to add a tip for your courier and write “I support Justice for Foodora couriers!” in the comments field of your order

You can download them at


   3)  Join the Campaign!

If a Foodora or another courier is interested in joining CUPW in your community tell them to contact us at 613-236-6728, or at

In solidarity,

Aaron Spires
National Union Representative - External Organizing