Moving Forward for the Membership

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Tuesday August 25 2015

The National Executive Board has approved the appointment of 12 Campaign Coordinators to assist locals in strategic campaign planning and implementation of the Union’s plan with the membership.

                                                                                                              The Coordinators are:

                                                                                                              Atlantic – George Nickerson

                                                                                                              Québec – Stéphane Surprenant

                                                                                                              Montréal – Magali Giroux

                                                                                                              Central – Laurie Toms

                                                                                                              Ontario – Derek Richmond

                                                                                                              Toronto - Angela Jones & Pamela Taschuk

                                                                                                               Prairie – Barb McNeely

                                                                                                               Pacific – Monica Judd

                                                                                                               National – Steve Ferland, Jean-Philippe Grenier and Diane Mitchell


Canada Post has launched an attack on our public postal service following a totally inadequate consultation with an invite-only group of people. Reduced services to the public and inferior working conditions for our members will not build confidence in the service nor will it lead to a healthy, dedicated workforce.

Our plan is clear. Reverse the cutbacks and prepare for Rural and Suburban and Urban Operations negotiations. In September and October members will be voting on a program of demands for bargaining that will deal with the issues that affect you and the public. We will once again rely on the assistance of our allies in the labour movement and our communities. Our Coordinators will be working with Locals and regions to deliver training and implement an action program that delivers success at the bargaining table and unites the membership for the future.

A training session is scheduled on August 27 and 28 for the Coordinators who will then be available to work with locals in preparing for our challenges in the upcoming months.

In Solidarity,

George Floresco
3rd National Vice-President (2002-2019)