Research Exposes the Costs of Cutting Home Delivery

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Friday June 5 2015

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OTTAWA- A paper presented by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers researchers today shows conclusively how Canada Post’s cutbacks are creating expensive problems, including costs for municipal residents and health care. 

The paper, “The Implications of Converting Home Mail Delivery to Community Mailboxes: The Canadian Experience,” was prepared for the 23nd Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics, held this week.

“The truth is that Canada Post’s cuts are costing Canadians plenty,” said Mike Palecek, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).

Among the issues covered by the research paper are:

  • Faulty predictions of the Conference Board of Canada report upon which the cuts were based, a report paid for by Canada Post and with parts conducted by Conservative party insider, David Crapper.
  • The failure of Canada Post to consult with stakeholders.
  • The negative responses to the cuts, including businesses, municipalities, and groups representing seniors and the disabled.
  • The multiple problems associated with group mailboxes, including litter, snow removal, theft and vandalism, real estate devaluation and municipal expenses.
  • The impact on our healthcare system of increased accidents, particularly for Canada’s growing elderly population.

“Given the social and financial costs of eliminating home mail delivery and the current economic viability of Canada Post, the decision to move to CMB delivery should clearly be reviewed,” the paper concludes.


For more information or to obtain a copy of the paper, please contact Aalya Ahmad, CUPW Communications – or 613-327-1177.