Stay Strong, United, Proud

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Saturday November 10 2018

Courage, focus and patience! We are up against big forces and an “operations” culture that has used us. It is not easy and we need each other. We can change our working conditions for the better, not by asking but by making it happen – by showing our collective strength.

We Create the Value

Postal workers build the trusted Canada Post brand. We carried the corporation for years as the load changed from letter mail to parcels and packets.

The real opposition to our needs and demands comes from a group of privileged managers and executives at Canada Post who have received bonuses on our backs. Meanwhile we delivered the service and made it a success.

We Are the Power

The union applies tactics to achieve a better workplace and better service. We don’t strike lightly, and we know the cost. We also know that the rights and benefits we have now did not arise through wishful thinking or acts of charity. Others fought hard for the rights we do have, some died for them, and today we are trying to create a better work environment for others and ourselves. 

Postal work is dangerous. We face exceptional stress, injury, and long-term health problems. Our bodies are not designed to work 30 years in these conditions at this pace.

We have collective goals: an improved and healthier workplace, better staffing and opportunities, better services for the public, better work-life balance, and equality.

Don’t Just Talk Solidarity, Practice It

No one likes the hardship of a strike. Blaming other workers for our stress will not help achieve our goals. Our membership has been fantastic in this struggle, but here and there you find those who act to sow division and blame.

Temporary workers are the future of our struggle for an innovative post office.  Like everyone, they seek stable and secure employment. They are co-workers and members of our union. Imagine, or just ask your co-workers, what living precariously must feel like? The less overtime we work the more work they get! Spread it around. It is the working-class thing to do.

Stay strong and unified. Do not take the bait that divides the workplace. We have strength, we have a strategy, and it takes time to get positive results. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Adhere to the Union harassment policy.  Respect one another, stand together, and increase the odds of achieving our objectives. Please follow union directives, remain united and strong and together we can create change.

Some things you can do:

Collect data and email of supporters on sign-up sheets for our long-term vision of a vibrant postal service. We can enter them in our national database. We have a lot of support in our communities. It makes a difference and allows us to communicate with our supporters at key times. 

Focus on what we can create together. Do not be distracted by negativity and finger pointing. Unity is strength. We are in a strong position today because of you. Stay focused and ready.

In struggle and solidarity,

Dave Bleakney
2nd National Vice-President
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